Random shits

She is the warmest wind that swiftly passes his life in the darkest day and coldest night.

He was running in the darkness of his own void. All what he had ever believed for every tick-tock of his previous life betrayed the poor little soldier on the battlefield. What was left for him was nothingness. A sip of the lonely ‘Whiskey on the rock’, a few dozens shots of ‘Godfathers’, a pack of ‘Malboro’, and even the flawless ‘Montecristo’, none of which could make him forget the empty hole on his chest. “Oh for god sake, what’s the purpose of living? Why can’t I be drowned in the sea instead of surviving like this?” – the only thing the man could think about.

But Jesus has his own way of playing a prank on human. The dear man actually gets what he wanted: to be drowned, but not in the sea, but in the depth of her eyes. It is like a fairytale, the lady dances on the wave with nine muses singing the love lullaby; she pulls him close and hugs him so tight that all the debris was healed. A woman with all the flaws in the world, but nevertheless she is the double rainbow after the heavy rain of his life. “Wait, this is too good to be true, she is too good to be true. Please, if this is a dream, I wish I could never wake up”. He doesn’t care about the Sun anymore, he doesn’t care about the Earth anymore, the only thing that pushes everything out of his head is her voice saying “I’m yours and you’re mine, from now to the end of our day”.

Maybe the nights will still be as cold as it used to be, maybe the days will be even colder than the blistering ice, but he will never have to worry about those anymore, for every todays and tomorrows.


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